It’s almost time for lawn restoration!

Lawns in urbania and suburbia are not always in their best condition, especially this time of year. Droughty summer weather, persistent fungus from our frequent spring rain events and unwanted invasive weeds all reduce our lawn’s natural beauty. Here are a few quick tips to renovate and keep your lawn looking beautiful:

  1. Choose the right seed. Most sod is grown using Kentucky Bluegrass which is not well suited for our climate. In SE Michigan, KB requires more water and frequent fertilizer reapplications to maximize its pristine beauty. A native fescue blend will not be so resource intensive and has less fungus susceptibility than KB.

  2. Never mow your lawn less than 2” height (3” is optimal). Weed seeds that blow in, or are dropped by birds, will germinate when the sun hits them and generally outgrow all lawn foliage. In other words, keep the weed seeds in the dark!

  3. When you feed the birds, only use black oil sunflower seeds. Millet, thistle and other filler seeds tend to fall from the birds beaks and spread very quickly in your lawn. Black oilers also have more fat which helps overwinter birds to survive cold winters.

  4. Natural fertilizers, like Milorganite, when use responsibly (to avoid runoff), are slow release, nitrogen rich, nutrient sources that lawns need to grow a dense root and foliage mass that reduce weed seed infiltration.

  5. If your lawn is more weeds than grass, fall is the best time to renovate (either in small priority areas or the entire yard). Fall has cooler temps and more natural rainfall that lawns need to germinate and establish before next summer’s heat wave returns.

If you’d like us to take a look at your lawn, schedule a free consultation. We‘d love to help you and our neighborhood be the most beautiful!


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